Bellen's Journeys

Awaken in Waterdeep

Having been unpetrified in Waterdeep, Bellen finds that it has been some time since she read the scroll that turned her to stone. The party retreated from the underdark and returned to the surface. Linus was also slain in the interim so the party needed to have him raised as well. The menace under Haranshire will have to be handled by some other adventurers but Count Parlfray is sure that it can be managed. Airatoth has also agreed to return and aid by establishing a temple to Ilmater in the shire and helping adventurers as much as possible. That leaves Bellen free to recharge her moonblade, Redstrike. And Linus feels that dying and aging are eventually going to harm him more than he’d like, so he has decided to return home to Archenbridge and get married. Akul will accompany him. Snagger has also retired from adventuring, having earned a small fortune in the underdark. Bellen has been freed at the onset of winter so she has a few months to explore Waterdeep and learn what is necessary to recharge her blade. She also takes time to learn a few additional skills.



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