Bellen Stargrove

This ranger has a Falcon standing next to her.


STR: 20 DEX: 15 CON: 14 INT: 14 WIS: 14 CHA: 13

Bellen has a Moonblade that when restored is a +2/+3 vs. undead. It may fully heal once per day. It casts a pale glow as if it is a moon and the aura is like the spell Bless.

She has a +2 etched Longsword, also a +2 Morningstar and a beautifully crafted +3 Dagger. She holds in her possession a +4 shield that used to be tainted in evil. Panstar, the lovely elven priest of Torm had the fantastic ability to remove the evilness of it!


Bellen is from a town called Arwen. These elves keep to themselves. A little over 50 years ago, Bellen’s Mother and Father were murdered. There was little evidence left to guide those investigating the murder.

In her journey to find the information about her parents, she has found a note in a dryad tree and a dead Orc, wearing her father’s armor. The armor has the mark of the Harper’s inside it, and she is filled with sorrow as she realizes she has found her father murdered for certain. She had held the hope close to her heart that her parents may yet still live.

During her youth, a priest of Rillifane Rallathil from the Tangled Vale came and stayed at the village. This priest brought tales of a large unusual green dragon and how such dragon took the land. Hundreds of years passed under the rule of the green dragon, until 300 elves led the cause. Of those 300, over half died in battle. They found not one, but a male and female dragon. The death of so many and the site that General Halflar died became known as the Vale of Lost Voices. Finally, after many years, a moon elf warrior armed with only a moonblade was discovered after his death. The cavern where the fight took place caved in and neither were seen again. This took place in The Year of Elfsorrows.

Rillifane was spoken about in such a rousing and affected voice; Bellen became enraptured with the god. Her love of nature made her feel that the priest was sent to her. Rillifane is known as the protector of the woodlands and guardian of the harmony of nature.

Rangers of Rillifane are known as the Order of the Oakstaff.

Oak trees dedicated to Rillifane choose a grand oak tree and carve a small canary in the trunk, two feet from the ground.

Bellen has become blood bonded with a Dryad called Alahanna through a ritual that brought the Dryad back to her natural form. Alahanna lives in the Tree in the Corellen sanctuary at Highmoon. Bellen is grateful to Mielikki and Rillifane for the opportunity to promote goodness.

To date: 11th of Tarsaskah, Bellen’s possible worst nightmare has come true. None other than Argus The Red, the one Panstar warned her about, has saved her life. She was attacked and taken into the keep by ORCs and separated from her party. As soon as the amulet (that prevents Argus from finding her) was taken off of her, Argus immediately appeared. How kind and considerate he was to her, as he brought her to full recovery. He eliminated the powerful spell caster’s who held her prisoner with a snap of his fingers. He then told her he has plans for her in the future, stating he would be back for her. Bellen is preparing to go to Panstar immediately.

Bellen has called upon Argust to bring Constantine back to his youth (do to the loose cannon’s constant complaints – it has been 17 continuous days of tirade]. Searching for any other means has been fruitless. While foolish on her part, it was done in an effort and behalf of a companion and party member.

26th of Tarsaskah: Constantine called Argust after spiders that carried death venom had struck down Linus and Jeff. Argus, angry that he had been called just for a report on the party status, made Linus into dust.

Bellen has taken this atrocity personally. She will pray for forgiveness of forsaking her previous vow. Her new vow will be to have Argust atone for this evil deed. She seeks to bring Argust over to the Lawful Good side (star wars tone – hee hee). She has seen a gentle side to him and sees a small glimmer of good. She is hoping that any contact she has will have a positive impact, as he appears intelligent enough to recognize that he is going in the wrong direction. It is possible to help him understand the errors of his ways. Encouraging good and lawful behavior is one of the greater goals she has for furthering the elves. Does she have the strength and ability for such an undertaking? A true elven ranger seeks to promote good in all people. Is it possible to see this done?

A second goal is to try to see the elf that lives in the woods in her home town Arwen, named Rhuobhe. He shoots all humans – his hatred is so deep. Yet he bears no ill will toward elves. He cannot be truly evil, she hopes. It is possible to see this elf saved and she will not give up hope.

Bellen will hire a messenger to carry the news of Linus to his family. She is filled with anger and sorrow she can offer nothing to his family. Linus’ death was so wasteful. She mourns Linus as if he was a family member. She viewed him as a younger exuberant brother. He brought such joy and excitement toward life. She feels such a painful loss. Thankfully, time and great priest brought Linus back to life.

The Cloakwood forest cannot be entered. Bellen’s effort to find or release herself from Argus’ every plan is what drives her. How will it be possible to turn this situation around without bloodshed and animosity? As Constantine will never offer any advice to the contrary (as he is such a hothead), and Linus lives in terror, it is hard to find advice on how to make this goal into a reality. If she can see the good in the HATED drow (enemy of all Elves), can she not recognize the possible good in others? Bellen will seek advice from someone of knowledge about the world and people who may be able to offer a bit of advice. (The temple of Oghma seems the likeliest choice. They have proven to be exceptionally knowledgeable and extremely kind. Perhaps their wisdom will guide her).

[Footnote, Bellen is no where near the Temple of Oghma and may possibly seek this advice from a Sage named Tauster. She is far from home and he appears quite friendly and kind. She is finding it a pressing urgency to seek advice as soon as she is out of the Underdark. She prays she has no visit from Argus until she can gain some council.]

Bellen has since learned from an Elf Mage, by the name of Samus, that who ever wields the Redfox sword is in line for rule of Evermeet. Bellen is surprised that an orphaned elf, with little knowledge of elven ways, has been honored with such a position.

Bellen was given an item by Samus, which enables her to contact the queen of the Elves. Bellen feels STRONGLY that she can best serve her people protecting all those who would threaten the Elves. Her role in learning leadership and the passion of the elves she feels connected to is best served over in the Dalelands, or where ever she is needed. Should she be called by the Queen, or anyone representing the Queen, she would immediately obey without question.

She has been granted a Bladesinger name Solarius as a henchman. Such person joining her side honors her.Solarius has proved to be a great example of elven life and outlook.

Long companions Constantine and Alexander and Solarius have fallen. Bellen has made an oath to rescue Darwin from the Underdark and will do it alone, if no other party members will join her. Akul (the drow) who has become a true friend and member of the party, along with Linus (who was wished back to life by Samus) and her trusted companion Dhomer and Solarius join her. Hopefully, her best intentions and honor serve her in her endeavor. Every day that she wakes in the Underdark, she will take 10 solitary minutes to pray to Rillifane to guide her. She asks for his protection of her falcon.

IN GREAT AND ANGUISED SORROW BELLEN MOURNS THE DEATH OF HER FALCON. Her companion since her first adventure day has died. She did not protect him as she had vowed. Her sorrow overcomes her and she is unable to do anything but walk and weep for one full day. If attacked she will not defend herself, nor will she defend her companions. She remains inconsolable for one full day. She will refuse to bury her bird and will make an impassioned plea to Rillifane to intercede on her behalf. While her prayer was not directly answered, she felt her god’s presence very strongly. Bellen will not, under any circumstances, give up on bringing her bird back to life. The sorrowful pain radiates from Bellen although she tries to the best of her ability to hide it.

While in the Underdark, Bellen has met Underdark Gnomes whom are of good alignment. The leader of the Gnomes is a priest and has honored Bellen greatly by bringing Solarius back to life. Bellen feels that the offering made by her can never be enough for the gift of the return of her friend. How can you set a price on the gift of life? Returning a cherished member of your life? It is without measure. Both Linus and Akul gave up cherished items to bring Solarius back. Bellen will tell Solarius the sacrifice all party members made for her.

All four of us, after a much needed rest, will set out to wipe out the evil that we meet. In the paraphrased words of the super hero The Tick: “Evil Doers Beware! The Ranger bearing the moonblade has arrived to save Darwin. With the help of the Council of Truth, this Ranger is ready to vanquish fiendish villains and fight master criminals everywhere evil rears its ugly head.”

Expertise with Long sword, granting 3 attacks every 2 rounds.

Bellen has been blessed with a moonblade that has the ability to heal once per day, and is a +1, +3 to undead. It casts mooglow when unsheathed in a ten-foot radius. It casts a bless spell to all good aligned elves. It is a +1 to fear rolls, and a +1 to attack rolls. This is a 50-foot cube area of affect. The moonblade has a Partinian Red Fox. The name of the sword is called Red Strike.

BIRTHDAY: 06/28/1250

Bellen Stargrove

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